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Youth Recreational Soccer Programs 

There are several options for youth from 3-14 to play in recreational soccer programs.  From early-age movement programs to High school soccer there are leagues and programs for kids to participate in.  Check out the options below 

Missoula Strikers.png

Missoula Strikers Soccer Association offers two programs for recreational soccer: Mini-Micro soccer for ages 3-5 and Microstrikers for ages 6-12.  Mini-Micro Strikers is a movement and motor skill development program for young children designed to develop body awareness and coordination.  MicroStrikers recreational soccer leagues for ages 6-12, Strikers Academy skill development program for ages 8-12, and competitive travel program for ages 11 through 19. 


The Missoula Y offers youth recreational soccer leagues for ages 5-12 and a rookie soccer learning program for ages 3-5.


Missoula County Public Schools offer fall season middle and high school soccer programs.  The teams are mixed and compete against other schools from around the state.  Signup is through the student's school. 

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