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Soccer Day Missoula
August 17, 2024

Soccer Day Missoula is an annual event that celebrates the Missoula soccer community.  It is a chance for all to play, watch, enjoy, and meet new and old friends.  SAM will host an adult tourney that focuses on fun, have scheduled free play soccer for youth, and a unified game with special olympic athletes and the UM Griz soccer team.  All followed by a mini-celebration under the FMRP pavilion 


Kickin' with Friends Tournament

  • SAM will offer a one day fun tournament for adults at Soccer Day Missoula. The goal of the tournament is to play, have fun, and celebrate the joy and beauty the game can offer.  More information on tournament registration, rules, and how you can join s a free agent to come. 
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free play chasing-the-ball.jpg

Free Play Soccer 

  • Soccer Day Features Free Play Soccer for Youjng and Old 
  • All Free Play Will be Scheduled for a Variety of Age Groups and Include Novice Games and Walking Soccer Games 
  • Free Play Soccer Builds Confidence, Develops Skill, and Improves Speed of Play
  • More Touches + More Skills = Better Players
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Soccer For All
  • Soccer Day 2024 Will Include a Unified Match with Special Olympians and Griz SoccerPlayers
  • Follow SAM for more Soccer Events that Feature Missoula Athletes of All Abilities
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