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Soccer Day Missoula
August 17, 2024  Fort Missoula Regional Park

Soccer Day Missoula is an annual event that celebrates the Missoula soccer community.  It is a chance for all to play, watch, enjoy, and meet new and old friends.  Soccer Day will include:

  • Just Kickin' Tournament, balancing competition and fun in a 7v7 format 

  • Unified game with special olympic athletes and the UM Griz soccer team. 

  • Scheduled free play games for kids Under 14 and kids Over 40.

  • Team Juggling Competition under the pavilion

  • Multi-generation challenge pitch 

  • Foot Golf course

  • ​3v3 Challenge Court in the Strikers FC Inflatable Pitch

  • All followed by a mini-celebration under the FMRP pavilion 


Just Kickin' Tournament

  • This 7 aside one day tournament is for players over 18 who want to have fun and celebrate the joy and beauty of the game.  Teams can be any mix of genders but we recommend a good balance of players. We encourage teams to be creative and innovative, as teams will be rewarded for style, acts of kindness, and positivity.  Team registration is below.   
Kids Pickup.jpg

Free Play Soccer

Soccer Day will feature games for all ages. From under 6 year old to over 40, there is place and pace for everyone to play. Under 6, 8 and 10 age groups will play mixed games, boys and girls games for U10s and U12s, and men and women games for Over 40 year olds, including mixed walking soccer games.  Free Play games start at 1:00 PM and are scheduled on the hour.

Foot Golf.png
Foot Golf Course
  • Challenge yourself and friends on kicking accuracy and pace in foot golf. 
Unified Soccer Match
  • Soccer Day will feature a match with Special Olympians and the Griz Soccer 
Team Juggling Competition
  • Register a 4 person team to test Juggling skills against your peers.  
Small Side & Multi-Gen Challenge Matches
  • How it Works: Register a team for either the Small Side or Multi-Generation challenge and choose the teams to play for a 15-20 game.  Small Side challenge is by age group
  • 7 v 7 Multi-Family Challenge 
    • Register a team of 7 or more with all ages but must have 3 players under 14 year olds on field at any one time
  • Small Game Challenge Matches ​
    • These small sided games are played in Strikers FC inflatable pitches. 
    • Register a team of 2 (over 12) or 3 (under 12)​
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