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Walking Soccer Club

Soccer is adaptable for any and all to play.  Walking soccer evolved from England where old footballers wanted to continue playing the game.  It is a non-contact slower pace game for all ages. SAM has formed a Walking Soccer Club and play Tuesday nights at Sentinel HS. Please go to the link below to register for the Walking Soccer Club to participate in games and receive updates on walking soccer free play games and events. 

Walking Soccer Background

Players have enjoyed walking soccer around the world for a few years now. The sport originated in England as part of a health initiative in 2011 to promote activity and provide a social outlet for older people. (You can click here for more history). There are now over 40,000 registered players in the UK alone. The sport has spread to almost a hundred countries around the world.  England hosted the FIFWA 2023 World Cup which had 18 nations participate. 

There are active walking soccer clubs in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and California.  With your help, Missoula will be added to the walking soccer map. 

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Womens Walking Soccer.png

Walking Soccer Rules

The rules are similar to the regular game except for these notable exceptions:

  • Feet must be in contact with the ground at all times

  • The ball must stay below head height

  • No physical contact like shoulder charges and slide tackles

  • Ball is played back into play with a kick

  • Fields and team sizes are adapted to play, the 2023 walking world cup played 7 aside.

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