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About SAM

Building Community Through the Game of Soccer

SAM is a collaboration of soccer organizations in Missoula that wish to advance the game, increase participation in organized and free play soccer, and improve access to facilities and programs for all.  Soccer can be played anywhere, with family or friends and just takes a ball and  (relatively) flat ground.  Soccer is also universal language spoken across the world that allows cultures to meld and friendships develop through playing the game. 

Playing Soccer

SAM's Story

Missoulians love to play and a lot of them love to play soccer.  Over the past 50 years soccer has evolved from a club sport that started as a way to train the University of Montana ski team to over 2,000 youth participating in six separate youth soccer programs and over 1,000 adult competing in soccer leagues or playing informal pickup soccer games.  Soccer is the most popular team sport for number for Missoulians to play.  So yes, Missoulians love to play soccer.  Soccer Alliance Missoula brings together these groups to help address problems, access to facilities and programs, and to increase the number enjoying the world's game in both organized programs and free play soccer. 

SAM Member Organizations

  • University of Montana Campus Recreation

  • University of Montana Grizzly Soccer Team

  • Missoula Strikers Soccer Club

  • FC Missoula Soccer Club

  • Missoula Surf Soccer Club

  • Missoula Parks & Recreation

  • Missoula YMCA

  • Peas Farm Old Boys Soccer Club

SAM Board of Directors

  • Chris Citowicki- Head Soccer Coach University of Montana 

  • Geoff Birnbaum- Former Missoula Strikers Coach 

  • Natalie Hiller-Claridge: Head Coach Hellgate Girls Soccer 

  • Carolyn Butcha- Board Member FC Missoula Soccer Club

  • Charlie Vandam- Former Strikers Coach and Tournament Director 

  • Katie Grusch, Director Youth Sports, Missoula YMCA

  • Missoula Strikers Soccer Appointment

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