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SAM's Mission

Soccer Alliance Missoula (SAM) promotes programs and activities that increases participation in soccer for any and all ages, abilities and cultures.  Soccer for all enhances community health by bringing joy through play, building self-esteem and well being, encouraging exercise, and creating relationships within a community of players and supporters. 

SAM hosts an annual celebration of the Missoula Soccer Community.  Soccer Day Missoula brings together all ages and all abilities to play, watch, support, laugh and socialize with old and new friends.  Join us for the celebration on Saturday, August 17 at Fort Missoula Regional Park.  Click here for more information and a list of activities. 

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Make Soccer Available to All

Soccer is an easy game to play and is adaptable to any speed, location, or playing experience.  The game can be played at a walking pace, in the backyard, or with novices.  The common element is finding joy in playing.   SAM offers programs for those that would like to learn to play or to play at a slower pace. 


Free Play Soccer Culture

SAM promotes free play or pickup soccer encouraging players of all ages to play games outside of organized training and games. Free play soccer encourages creativity, problem-solving, experimentation and combines it with great friends, exercise and fun.  


Improving Facility Access

SAM works to improve access to facilities by creating mini-pitches throughout Missoula and supporting facilities that allow for year-round play.  A needs assessment and survey was completed in spring 2023.   The results can be found here.  

Soccer for All, All for Soccer 

Soccer Alliance Missoula was started to promote soccer and make sure anyone that has interest in playing can play.  We remove obstacles and help others tear down barriers that limit access to the game.   The game can be played by anyone no matter their ability, age, size, or shape, there is a place for you to play.  SAM is developing programs to introduce novices to the game, creating slow soccer games for those that want to play at a slower pace, and work with local governments and soccer clubs to ensure information and access is shared with all. 

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